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01// How much do you charge? 

Every project is different and every artist has something unique they want to convey with their music. Because of this, I don't have standard rates, but instead, give an individual quote for each project I am. This being said, my fee for a full production will often float around the £950 mark to take a song from a simple demo to final mix. 

02// What is your process? How does it work? 

  • The first step to getting started with your project is simply to jump on a call and discuss what you have in mind for your project and what you're hoping to achieve.

  • If we decide that we want to go ahead and work together I'll send you my simple producer-agreement contract and we'll get some studio sessions booked in the calendar. For me, 3 studio sessions are normally the perfect amount of time to get a production completely finished. Before the sessions, I'll always ask to hear a demo of the song you want to record and any reference tracks you have in mind.

  • Getting into the studio is where the real fun begins! This is where I can turn your simple demo into a full production. We'll get the song sounding exactly how you imagine it: whether that's a Top-40 style electronic pop track or a rootsy folk song with live drums, guitar, and bass. Whatever you want!

  • After our sessions, I'll finalize the production and mix, and get the song sent off for mastering.

  • Once the song is completely finished, I'll be more than happy to help you navigate the confusing world of releasing music if that's new to you! 

  • Sounds fun, right?

03//  What do you do?

I am a producer, songwriter guitarist, drummer, and bassist working closely with artists to bring their musical vision to life. I started playing drums at 8 years old and have now been working as a professional musician for over 7 years. I now specialize in the genres of Pop, Americana, and Country. Nothing excites me more than getting to make great music with great people. 

04//  Where are you based? Do I need to travel to work with you?

I'm based in London, UK. A lot of the artists I work with enjoy coming to my studio to make music together in person, but I also work remotely with artists from all over the world and have just as much fun in the process.

05//  What are your payment terms? 

I always take payments in two halves. The first half before starting work on a project and the second half once the production is finalized. I also take a small deposit to secure studio dates if we are working in-person. 

06//  Do you take royalties? 

I take a standard 5% cut of the master royalties for songs I have produced. Even so, the artist or label retains full ownership and admin rights of the masters. Depending on the project, I will occasionally take a publishing royalty also, but this is only in cases where I have also contributed to the songwriting. Royalties can be a confusing subject, don't hesitate to reach out if you're not totally sure what I mean by any of this! 

07//  Why should I work with you instead of another producer?

By working with me, you will have my complete dedication to your project - working to your deadlines so that you never have to worry about whether or not a song will be finished in time for your release schedule. I'll do everything I can to make the entire process as enjoyable and creatively fulfilling as possible so that you walk away with a song you're proud to call your own. 

Got any more questions? 

Drop me an email with any other questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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